JSC "Beryozastroymaterialy" strives to become a successful company, which applies advanced manufacturing sciences and fulfils customers' wishes, puting professional, mental and ethical values of employees above any other considerations.

The company's mission is to offer its customers a unique product with inimitable and fashionable design, excellent quality and aesthetics.

Comnany liabilities to:


Our aim is to produce safe goods of high quality from natural raw materials.
Our relationship with customers will be moral based on mutual trust and confidence.


Ensure investments' effectiveness.
Ensure company revenue performance and profit markup.

Business partners:

Make cooperation professional, long-term and reciprocal.


Ensure worthy salary for honest and skilled work and satisfaction of various needs of employees.
Ensure conditions for training and high-performance labour of personnel.


Assure worthy contribution to national economy,
Secure ecological cleanness of production processes
Save environment for future generations, produce safe and natural products.

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