ecological aspect

Ecology is an important component in coatings acquisition issue for the walls and floors both for the home and for public spaces. It is one of the main requirements of any modern man to his environment. Ceramic tile is fully consistent with this parameter. Tile is made from natural components, Harmful emissions do not occur during its production and wastes are environmentally safe and completely recycled or disposed of, unlike, say, the production of carpet and linoleum.

The raw materials used in production, are mined in environmentally friendly areas. Technology and equipment used in the production, work on the principles of innovation at the lowest possible cost of raw materials, energy-saving technologies are being actively implemented.

The company develops innovative projects designed to ensure that the energy used in the production was renewable. Labor team takes care of the high culture of production, is proud of his work, his company.

One of the advantages of enterprise is a responsible approach to the environment, society and the land on which we live.

Radiation safety

Radiation safety of the tiles is equally important issue for the consumer. The sole cause of this problem may be in the presence of kneading raw materials with background radiation. In refutation of this argument, it must be said that the JSC "Beryozastroymaterialy" takes raw materials from proven quarries and conducts a thorough radiation control before sending the batch into production. This question with ready ceramic tile is removed by passing hygienic certification.Therefore, ceramic tiles especially recommended for use in children, health care institutions, catering companies.

Fire safety of tiles

Ceramic tiles are completely fireproof material. According to this criterion, it takes a good position among the other finishing materials - laminate, linoleum, parquet. It does not burn and does not emit harmful to human substances at temperatures of fires. Such properties of ceramic tiles are due to its composition (sand, clay, feldspar, metal oxides). Besides tiles firing temperatures depending on the technology are from 850 to 1300 °, i.e. the temperature is significantly higher than fire.

Electrical safety tiles

Ceramic tiles are characterized by a very low electrical conductivity, i.e. they do not conduct electric current, it is an insulator( insulators are made of ceramics ). This characteristics is due to its anti-static properties, which is important for human health.

In some areas anti-static is a requirement to coatings (for example, in areas where explosive or chemical substances are stored).

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